We often attend to businesses having electrical breakdowns needing urgent attention. We have over 2o years experience of dealing with imgreselectrical faults and breakdowns. We appreciate the negative effects downtime can have on a business and make every effort to deal with the issue quickly and efficiently. Remember electricity can be dangerous, do not try forcing a circuit breaker to stay in position or putting a bigger fuse wire in place as this could result in a fire. Remember the fuse is a safety cut out and breaks the circuit because there is something wrong with the circuit not the fuse. All our electricians are experienced and  fully qualified to the latest standards. In an emergency we aim to be there within a maximum of 2 hours. The list below highlights issues we are often called on to assist with. If any assistance is required please do not hesitate to contact us. Call now on 01482 440210 or email on

1) Loss of power to sockets and machines.

2) Three phase motors.

3) Fuses tripping off.

4) Smell of burning.

5) Electric shocks from sockets and switches.

6) Crackling noises at sockets and switches.

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